Christmas Day

This federal holiday is celebrated every 25th of December each year.


Decorated Christmas tree with gifts for the whole family.

Christmas day is celebrated the world over on the 25th of December every year which is a time for festivities, decorations, exchanging gifts, attending to Mass and calling over at relatives and friends.

The festivities begin long before the 25th of December with homes being painted, gardens getting a spruce up, hedges being trimmed, decorations to give a festive mood to the season, taking precedence all around the city, especially in the United States of America where Christmas is celebrated with much pomp and pageantry.

Children anxiously look forward to that mythical figure Santa Claus who legend says, arrives’ riding on his snow sleigh, drawn by his magical reindeers and slips through the chimney to place each child’s gift under the Christmas tree to be picked up by them in the morning.

The season begins just before the 25th of December on the day we call Christmas Eve, that is the 24th of December and ends with the New Year and it is the holiday season with practically everything in the United States grinding to a halt and everyone enjoying the much needed annual holidays to unwind and do whatever they would want to, especially with the family and close friends around them.

The significance of such gigantic celebrations is the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ who was born in a manger in the city of Bethlehem in what we know today as Israel.

The birth of the Lord Jesus Christ brought the message of peace to the world and it is estimated that His momentous birth occurred about 2017 years ago but the exact date that he was born is still a bone of contention among all theological experts and historical scholars.

Even his death is still shrouded in mystery with some believing that he sacrificed his life on the Cross to save mankind whilst others believe that he did not die on the Cross but His soul took flight to Heaven and would return one day to Earth to right all the wrongs that are happening around us today.

Whatever the believes may be today more than 2/7th of the world’s seven billion population follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and He remains an enigma to many believers and non-believers too.

It is His birth that is being celebrated so intensely around the United States and even the banknotes of the richest and most powerful nation in the world, the USA has a very simple message “In God we Trust” which tells heaps for the quantum of respect that the Lord Jesus Christ has among his followers not only in the USA but around the world as well.

Christmas Day is a national holiday and many take advantage of the days around it to take long breaks from work and to enjoy whilst indulging in charitable functions especially to help the less fortunate and this has been the main activity in recent times where the spirit of Christmas has been to give to those who have little.

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